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   Hato Cedral Wildlife

The Hato Cedral -located in the Venezuelan Llanos- is worldwide recognized for its natural reserves with an extraordinary concentration of fauna, and vast, blistering plains that seem to have no end.

In this place you will be able to enjoy an unforgettable wildlife spectacle. Each station (rainy and dry season) offer a complete different scenery. In the rainy days all is green and flooded, and the Herons and Corocoras are nesting. It?s the best moment to see anacondas and alligators. While during the dry season the fauna concentrates in the Caños and lagoons even in thousands.

The experience is like going on a Safari in Africa, but enjoying the animals typical from the American Llanos, among them the Orinoco Alligator, the giant anacondas (biggest serpent specie in the world), osos palmeros, owls, deers, monkeys, jaguars, pumas, capibaras (the world?s largest rodent), opossums, tapirs, armadillos, otters and ocelots. Rivers are inhabited by fresh-water porpoises, alligators and by the largest American crocodile, the Orinoco caiman and toninas or pink dolphin. Bird species such as macaws, egrets, herons, storks and fish eagles, white, scarlet and glossy ibis, osprey, parrots, hawks, black vultures and hummingbirds are abundant. More than 50 mammal and 300 bird species.

Awakening early in the morning is an spectacular opportunity to see the dawn and awakening of thousands of birds that use the housing zone of the Hato as residence. After an abundant local breakfast, trucks are ready to take you to on tours through the hacienda to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, between birds, lagoons and animals that can get as close as you can almost touch them.
Between the truck tours, a delicious and refreshing fresh natural water pool waits for you, and at night you will be able to rest in comfortable rooms with all services.

Its all about 53.000 acres to explore and enjoy. We guarantee awesome pictures for you to remember this trip for the rest of your life.

Physical Demand: Low
Recommended for: people who love nature and fauna. Photographers, biologists

In the Hato, you will have two optional truck tours per day to see fauna. You are free to go on all or choose when to stay in the pool and lodge area, or even walk around by your own.


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Destination: Venezuela
Activity: Birding

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